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What I Learned From Singapore Trip?

When the people in class say that we were went to Singapore. I say yahoooo with a big smile. Even I have been there before, but for this time I will go there with my lovely classmates. It sound good right. Yes, really. ! Only this time we can gather together and it is our last class trip . I will miss this sweet memories...Sure..!

On Tuesday at dated 27 Mac 2012 we were went there from FAB UTM at about 7.15 o’clock. We arrived in Singapore about one and half an hour after due the immigration process first. First place we were went to the Singapore City Gallery. This Singapore City Gallery also placed the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA Centre) inside.

 From the observation and explanation from our lecturer, Dr Ho Chin Siong about Singapore from pre-50 when the post-war period until era 2000, i saw many of physical development were change rapidly. Singapore city make the good change for each era like 70 era when their start to build up the modern infrastructure and for the 80 era, their government also have put the good transformation by providing a quality living environment to their citizen. When come to 2000’s era, the Singapore government state their mission with the great words “A great city and play.
At Singapore City Gallery also we were introduced to every part which were have 10 thematic areas and more than 50 audiovisual and interactive exhibits spanning three floors. When came here, basically Singapore City Gallery offers an exciting, multi-sensory learning experience into Singapore’s planning journey. That is the one factor that we from 4SBW came here because we want to know about the planning history and planning journey in Singapore which is the one develop country in the world. From the visit, I see how their country develop and how their overcome their challenge. Beautiful Singapore with beautiful planning that the words can I say when I look their architectural models that showing an exclusive bird’s eye view of Singapore. 

Other than that, Singapore city have their own planning sustainability which is their country have different strategies that have helped to shape Singapore today. This includes how the land is planned for live, work and play opportunities, creating an endearing home for all.

Opposite the Singapore City Gallery, I saw a beautiful red dot design museum. I am very amazed at that time because their building was designed perfectly. From the information that I got, the red dot museum was the largest contemporary design museum in Asia.

After that, we went to the Maxwell Food Centre to take our lunch first before we walk along the road to go to the Chinatown Market. Their food courts are quite same in Malaysia and their building also not impress me well. Along our road to Chinatown Market, I look at surrounding there were many colourful heritage buildings. From my observation during that time also, I feel that Singapore have many heritage building that were conserve until now because the building even the design physically old but it’s can give good attraction to others with the improvement of building colour and building facade which look nice and give beautiful effect.

The Singaporean also very friendly and quite nice with me and other’s friend when we bought some clothes, fridge magnets, key chains and others at Chinatown Market. We also can bargain that things like we were in Malaysia. Their culture also common with Malaysia but I think the Singaporean are well manner in their discipline compared with Malaysian. It is because their country is very clean due their discipline to an environment. I do not saw any much rubbish on the road and it’s very clean.
The last part for our trip was around Marina Bay. Marina Bay is Singapore’s most exciting and ambitious urban project to date and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is sparing no effort to transform the bay into a waterfront playground for all purpose and for all ages.

At first, we went visit the Marina Bay City Gallery, a sparkling two storey building at the waterfront promenade. I can learn how Marina Bay came about and many fun facts about the place. I can have a bird’s eye view of the city looking at this amazing scaled model of the city centre. There are also really cool fountain features next to it.

 Singapore is well known with their high rise building which are make their city become a compact city. Though physically small, Singapore is an economic giant. At the surrounding in Marina Bay, I can look many high rise building which were beautiful and designed with unique architectural. Along our walk to others place that surround in Marina Bay, I do not saw many people who walk along the road. However, when we were took the road under the ground (subway), I am very amazed because I saw many people walk there. It is because Singapore city make more underground road (subway) to facilitate people so that can reduce the congestion also. Furthermore, there were some MRT Stations also located under the ground.

Generally from this trip I sincerely amazed with Singapore country because it is a vibrant city which is I can explore the beautiful Singapore. Besides, Singapore is a small country but can develop very fast and transformed itself from a fishing port to a cosmopolitan city within short period of time. I also enjoyable to learn the art and science of creating memorable buildings and streetscapes that can help our country, Malaysia more distinctive.

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